Our Story

Walking through the souk is a magical experience. The colors, smells and sounds fascinate the imagination. It was here that a mother and daughter began to share a love of for the art of Morocco. Mina has spent her life in Morocco, exploring and discovering some of the most beautiful vintage Berber textiles, art & jewelry. As she raised her family, the love of traditional Moroccan artistry was soaked up by her daughter, Rania. When life led Rania to California the desire to surround herself with the rugs, pillows and jewelry of Morocco only intensified. It was through this longing to stay connected to her homeland and maintain the bond with her mother that led to the idea of Illy Made. Today the company relies on Mina's impeccable ability to source the finest Moroccan work and Rania's eye for design. Illy Made seeks to combine the traditional quality and beauty of Berber Moroccan artisans with a fresh aesthetic influenced by modern Los Angeles.

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